Choosing the right mattress according to one's preferences is difficult. Whether you want to reduce your lower back pain or get a good sleep at night, it is very essential to buy the correct type of mattress for your bed.

Mattressify Innerspring report says that the Innerspring mattresses cost of production is $120, whereas the shopkeeper and the company sell it for $500, $600 and $1000 as well. It is vital to know the pros and cons of a particular mattress before you choose to sleep on them.

Which is better Innerspring or Polyester foam mattresses. We will be looking  at the advantages and disadvantages of the mattress as well as which one provides you a better quality at the end of the day!

Memory foam mattresses


  • Low cost - You can get durable foam mattresses from trustable shop or company.It is still under $950.

  • No jiggle or bounce - While on uncomfortable mattresses you tend to shift sides which can lead to insomnia, Foam mattresses allow you to sleep in still position with a comfortable posture.

  • Pressure - The mattress allows you to feel ease while sleeping. The mattress provides the correct amount of pressure against your body parts.

  • Solid block of foam - It actually means that the dust mites can only stay on the surface and not in the mattress.


  • Slow to leave your body shape - The mattresses adapt your likened body posture so perfectly that it takes time to shift or bounce on different position.

  • Price - The mattresses are quite expensive, according to its cost and labour charges. While other mattresses provide you different options to choose from, Foam mattresses are difficult to bargain for.

  • Temperature adjustment - Unfortunately, the mattresses makes you wake up in sweaty mess due to its air lock feature. The mattresses adjust to the posture by your body heat which eventually disturbs the sleep at night.

  • Odour - The mattresses may smell in the beginning as their new to use, though this doesn’t happen with other mattresses.

Innerspring Mattresses


  • Durability - Innerspring mattresses last for approximately seven to ten years with, noticeable changes after few years to regular use.

  • Price - You can find spring mattresses at bottom dollar prices as, it does not cost you much manufacturing charges.


  • Warranty tactics - The spring mattresses warranty up to 1.5 inches of normal body impression. So be careful while signing the warranty terms and conditions.

  • Durability - Th spring mattresses commence to sag within one to two years. For that matter, these mattresses lose their 16% of support in 1st year of use.

  • Painful pressure points - The mattresses don’t provide you extra pressure support. That means the springs pushes the body equally from every aspect which is indeed not good for you body. As well as, it does not align your back, according to the mattresses.

Final words

Best mattresses for your child or family provide you an excellent pressure and comfortable sleep, whereas, the spring mattress inevitably gives an adjusting night but not the perfect comfort you’re looking for.